Thursday, April 12, 2012

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

You know those paddles with numbers on them that people use to bid on things at auctions? I have decided that I need some of those.
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to respond to something without having to speak? To make your thoughts, or interests, or feelings, known without even having to open your mouth? I could say SO MANY things and I wouldn’t have to explain them, because the whole idea is to streamline the process by eliminating talking.
I would have several different stacks of paddles that would cover all my bases. There would be the “tell something about yourself” paddles for when I just meet someone.
 “Wife” “Mom” “Teacher” “Writer” “Christian” “Sarcastic” “Loud” “Perfectionist”
There would be the ones with emotions on them for every given occasion.
“Frazzled” “Anxious” “Grieving” “Crazy” “Pissed” "Afraid"
“Happy” “Relaxed” “Grateful” “Satisfied” "In love"
And there would be key phrases that get repeated a lot…good and bad.
“I don’t know” “I don’t care” “Do you need to go to the bathroom?” “Because I said so” “Take a bite!” “Stop running” “Stop yelling” “Stop whining” “Stop fighting” “GO OUTSIDE!”
“I miss you” “I love you” “Thank you” “I’m sorry”
I think my husband and kids would really like me to have these. Then they could know what I am feeling before they approach me. Especially if I can combine more than one!!
“Relaxed Perfectionist” (yeah, those will never go together) “Frazzled Mom…I’m sorry” “Anxious Teacher…I’m sorry” “Crazy Wife…I’m sorry”
I think the “I’m sorry” paddle will get almost as much use as the “go outside” paddle.
The problem is that some of the most important things about me…THE most important things about me, aren’t on any of my paddles. I forget to even include them in my days sometimes.
“Forgiven” “Accepted” “Cherished” “Loved” “Redeemed” “Ransomed” “Adored” “Beloved” “Friend” “Calmed” “Held” “Empowered” “Delivered” "Never alone"
These are really the only ones I need. They cancel out lots of the other ones. And even if they don’t, they at least accompany them.
“Frazzled…and accepted.”
“Anxious…and calmed.”
“Grieving…and held.”
"Mom...and adored" (love this one)
"Wife...and cherished" (oh yeah, they just keep getting better)
"Perfectionist...and delivered." (please, Lord, let it be true!)
"Afraid...and NEVER alone!!!!"
And so I have now decided to pitch all my paddles and make new ones, combining my feelings with the truths that balance them out.  The WORD is FULL of them!!! For me and for you. For every feeling, every thought, every failure, every success, every pain, every joy, every single thing in our lives!!!!!!!!! HE IS IN IT ALL, we just have to look and we will see!

My paddle for today???


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