Saturday, April 14, 2012

Parental FAIL

You know how people tell you that your kids will pick up on the things you do and say? You know how you are still shocked when it actually happens? You know how you say things like “You are not allowed to do that. You do as I SAY, not as I DO.” It’s okay, you are not alone. It happens to all parents. At least I hope so...I guess I should just say it happens to me, since I don't know if it happens to anyone else. Maybe it doesn't make you feel better to know that ONE other parent crashes and burns on a daily basis...but I do. And so does Heath, so that makes two parents!!!!
Last week Faith and I were looking at some jewelry we wanted to buy. We both had VERY large piles of things we loved, and once we had looked through it all, I told her we couldn’t buy everything and we needed to downsize our piles. Her response? “I can’t do it Mom. It physically hurts me.” Sigh…I apologize in advance to her future husband. I have unfortunately created a monster. I recommend you never let her have a credit card. That’s what my husband does. It helps…sometimes.

We were in the Walmart parking lot last week, and Clay suddenly exclaimed- “Mom, I just saw a lady wearing jeans with a jean shirt and a jean jacket! Fashion disaster, right???” Oh dear.

Nate was trying to watch a cartoon and the volume was too low for him to hear. Faith told him she would turn it up if he brought her the remote. “Faith, you have legs!” he replied in exasperation. It’s true, she does have legs.

Last night Heath was changing Gabe’s dirty diaper. As he began the cleanup, he remarked- “Gross, Gabe! Holy BEEP!” Gabe looked at him with a smile and said- “Howy BEEP!” Heath laughed hysterically.

So feel better about your parenting skill today. At least your two year old didn’t say “holy beep.”

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