Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer snooze fest

You know how the person you are in your head is interesting, important, confident, etc...

And then summer starts, and you realize you're really, seriously boring and unimportant? And also not as confident as you thought you were BEFORE you put on your swimsuit for the first time this season?!?!

Yeah...that's happening to me too.

When my husband gets home from work and asks me what we did during the day, my response, over the past month, has been one of three things:

"Cleaned house. All. Freaking. Day."

"Broke up fights. All. Flipping. Day."

"Went to the pool. All. Glorious. Day."

The clean house lasts approximately ten minutes.

The fights are broken up for about ten seconds.

But...we are all super tan. So we do have something to show for our first month of summer.

(and the fact that a tan is all I have to show for my summer so far has only added to the realization that I am, in fact, terribly boring and unimportant.)

Other things have obviously happened this past month.

Our cat killed a rabbit and left it, entrails hanging out, in our backyard, causing my husband to VOMIT in a nearby bush while cleaning it up.

I picked up what I assumed were clods of dirt off my bathroom floor only to realize they were clods of poop...but its not the first time that's happened to me, so it doesn't really qualify as exciting.

Gabe (4) is swimming like a fish and scaring the life out of me every time we are at the pool. (which is a lot, since time at the pool is one of only three things I have done all summer so far.)

I inherited my parents old living room set, which is now occupying my loft and giving me childhood nostalgia every time I walk upstairs.

I bought paint to repaint my wooden deck furniture...but I haven't actually painted it yet, so that also doesn't qualify as exciting. (and I'm pretty sure painting it isn't that much to be excited about either.)

I read an entire book, which is something I can never say during the school year. (unless its a science or history or math book) And I only moderately ignored my whole family while reading it...so that's something, right?

See what I'm saying? The version of me who is super cool and has a vibrant, interesting, full of every-single-moment-activities life...she does NOT exist.

Before you start feeling too sorry for me, though, I have an ace up my sleeve.

I am going to Europe.

In two weeks.

For 12 days.

With just my husband.

We are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary. (which happened to fall last week, so that's something of note that has happened so far this summer. Ha! I'm cooler than I was a second ago when I thought I was out of things to list...except that version of me FORGOT to list her anniversary as an event...so now I'm back to a loser)

We've been planning to visit Europe for our 15th anniversary since we first got engaged and decided not to go there for our honeymoon. My hubby wanted to plan it for our 10th anniversary, but we knew we would still have children too young to be left for that long, and so we agreed to go for the 15th.

And that is this year. (insert cheesy grin and happy dance which further solidify my loser status here)

If we had infinite resources and time, we would see ALL of Europe.

But we don't, so we have narrowed it to two countries. My top pick, and his.

Italy and Switzerland.

And so, we are taking our kids to their grandparents house, and flying across the Atlantic, for a fairy tale trip 15 years in the making.

We are extremely excited. All our most dreamt-of destinations will be visited. Rome, Venice, the Amalfi coast, Zermont, Zurich, and several others.

I've been preparing for months. (Read-shopping for a new wardrobe and dieting to fit into it)

I won't bore you by continuing to talk about this. (Read-I don't want to make you any more jealous)

I will just say this: Yes, my summer so far has been rather bland.

But its gonna get GOOOOOOD. And I will be, for 12 whole days, the cool person I am in my head.

And on that note, I'm off to fold laundry and then go to the pool.