Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Moment of Truth...almost

My book is being released on Friday!!!! I can't tell you how excited, and overwhelmed, and thankful, and a little bit sad, I am feeling. My friends have said it seems like the whole process has gone quickly. After all, I finished the rough draft August 1st, 2012, and the finished book is being released May 30th, 2013. But to me it seems time has been dragging its feet these past months, and 'wait' and 'patience' have become my new least favorite words.
But, the wait is almost over!!!! The anticipation is killing me, and because I hate to be alone in my agony, I have decided to share the first few pages with you, in the hopes of having some miserable company!!!
So, without further ado, I give you the prologue of "His Life For Mine."
It was quiet in Joy’s room, which should have been an
indication that something unusual was about to happen. It
was never quiet here. The streets of Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia were always filled with people, filled with life.
And the children’s home, where she lived and served, was
never completely quiet, even in the middle of the night.
How could it be, with 27 children living within the walls?
She loved the hustle and bustle; she loved the crowds and,
most of all, she loved the children.

Briefly, she wondered where they were. Was there an
outing she had forgotten about? Were they all, miraculously,
sleeping at the same time in the middle of the day?
Most days, it was loud and wild, even when it was supposed
to be quiet. It was something she had grown up with, something
she had gotten used to and come to love. She hardly
missed the peace and quiet. She didn’t even notice its
absence most days. The noise was familiar.

Today, though, in this moment, a sudden feeling of
peace filled the room. It was something in the air, something
not quite discernible. The feeling caused all of
creation, it seemed, to collectively draw in a breath and
Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that the door
was open, and she turned toward it. A gasp lodged in her
throat. Light, so bright it was almost blinding, pierced the
room. She blinked, blinked again, and after her eyes had
adjusted, blinked once more. What she was seeing couldn’t
be real, but the sudden racing of her heart told her it
mustn’t be ignored.

There was an angel standing in her doorway. Saying it
out loud would have made her laugh, because it was so
impossible. And, yet, it didn’t really seem that surprising.
After all, there was no sound. The whole world was
holding its breath, waiting for something to happen, and
this must be it. She wasn’t afraid. She couldn’t imagine
what fear felt like, in that moment. The angel was smiling
at her, and, from her place on the bed, she smiled back.

“Hello, Joy,” he said, in a voice that was quiet, like the
room, and, yet, mighty, like thunder. “Will you come with
me? I have things I want to show you.”

Was an angel really asking her to come with him?
Where were they going? When would they be coming

This must be a dream. The city was still holding its
breath, after all, and a city full of people couldn’t, actually,
stop breathing, all at the same time. But even if it was a
dream, she wanted to see what the angel had to show her.

She didn’t need to ask any of her questions.
She stood up, and even that seemed to happen in slow
motion. It felt more like she was swimming than walking,
and it took her a minute to reach the doorway. When she
drew near to the angel’s side, something gave her pause.

She turned back toward the room, uncertain why she hesitated.
Her brow drew together in a split second of confusion,
but she felt a touch on her hand. She turned toward
the angel, and saw him smiling again.
“Will you come with me?”

It was the same question as before, with the same
unimaginable peace and power flowing from his lips. Her
hand was warmed by his touch, and the warmth seemed to
spread through her whole body.

For some reason, as she stood there, tears filled her
eyes. Maybe it was because, in a dream, a person always
cried in unexpected places. Maybe it was because she was
still a little unsure of what was to come. Maybe it was the
overwhelming calm, peace, and love that she could feel
when this messenger from heaven took her hand. She
didn’t know why she wanted to cry, but she did know that
she wanted to be wherever the Lord wanted her. If God
had sent her an angel — an angel who wanted to take her
somewhere — then, there was only one right answer.

She drew in a breath, an act that seemed to take several
heartbeats, and she nodded her head.

“Yes, I will go with you.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, the room around
her faded away, and a small Florida home came into view.
This time she gasped aloud, bracing herself for a journey
unlike anything she could imagine.

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  1. I need to read this book, how do I get a copy?
    Joyce Anderson (wife of Allen)

    1. Joyce, it will be available through my website and on Amazon soon! Hopefully next week sometime! I will post info on my blog and on Facebook ASAP.