Thursday, February 23, 2012

confessions of a talk-aholic

In an effort to embrace humility (or humiliation) I have compiled a list of little known facts about me. And yes, before you ask, I do know that many of them leave me wide open to ridicule. Bring it on. I am not ashamed...much.

*I graduated from a square dancing class, complete with diploma and membership badge, when I was 16.
*I love Star Wars. LOVE IT. I frequently have marathon weeks in which I watch all 6 episodes.
*I can do a really good impression of Master Yoda (from Star Wars, duh!)
*I know all the words to every Carmen song released from the first one up through the RIOT album.
*I occasionally curse to shock my mom or to make my husband laugh.
*I am a sympathy screamer. If someone yells, I will yell with them, even when I have no idea whats going on.
*I would share my toothbrush with anyone in my family, immediate or extended. I really don't care.
*I like lists. I make them for everything. I have 3 sitting on my counter right now. They are "To Do" "To Pack" and "To get at the store."
*I have a "top five" list for just about everything (because I like lists!) Favorite movies, favorite books, favorite songs, favorite laughs, favorite people, favorite quotes, favorite foods...pretty much anything.
*I am toilet training my cats. Yes, I realize that makes me the crazy cat lady, or the crazy father-in-law from "Meet the Parents" but I don't care. Once it's done I will never have to do littler again!

So there is the top ten list (which I love) of little known facts about me. :) Oh and here's one more: I like to talk about nothing...I could talk about nothing all the time, hence the title of my blog and the content of this post.


  1. We are way more alike than I thought!
    * Carmen (were you at TCC when he came and totally destroyed the pedestal I had him on??? What a jerk!)
    * Lists! I once made a list OF lists I needed to make!
    * Speech pattern of Yoda I like but sound like him, not do I.

    Where we differ -
    + I have never watched any Star Wars movie all the way through.
    + I am not a sympathy screamer but I am a sympathy vomiter. If I see it I vomit.
    + I want a cat but I can't have one per Master Robert. If I had a cat, and heard you were successful in your efforts, I would try it. Less stinky!

    And may I say I am so happy you posted today!

  2. I sooooo remember you making lists of your kids names - weekly - when we were younger :)